(Hi)Stories is a university blog on which students enrolled in the Master in in foreign languages and humanitieswith a specialization in Transnational and Transcultural Studies (Master ETT) publish articles produced as part of the seminar entitled “Exploring the Past to Understand the Present: African American History as a Resource for the Present.”

Each students chose a recent (international) news event/topic related to African American history (such as, for example, the controversy that erupted after a case of “blackface” during a basketball match in the north of France in March 2023; or the June 29, 2023 U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action in college admissions; or the recent controversy over Florida’s new slavery curriculum) and researched that subject so as to produce their own original feature article (in English).

In order to do so, they read scientific articles and book chapters, as well as newspaper and online articles related to their subject, and conducted interviews of at least one specialist of the issue they chose to explore.

The students’ productions are subsequently shared online via this Hypothesis blog. The primary audience comprises the general public capable of accessing English-language content.

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